Canadian Man Becomes UK Quiz Show Phenomenon 

Born in Toronto, Eric Monkman and his family relocated to Oakville when he was three. He studied his undergrad program at Waterloo University and then went to the University of Toronto to study law, but quickly decided it was not his thing. He enrolled in an economics graduate program at Cambridge, planning to do a Ph.D. He dropped that notion and is now waiting on the next phase to unfold. In the meantime, Monkman has become a celebrity in Britain, due to a British game show. His brow furrowed delivery, and 70s bowl haircut drew people to him. If you are considering immigration to Canada, a land of opportunity, contact Canadian Visa Expert for visa options. They will help you and your family relocate to Canada.

As the media calls started coming in, from reporters and also producers, agents, and publishers, Monkman quickly realized his quirky fan base might earn him a whole new career path. “I had attracted a level of attention that I’d never attracted before in my life,” Monkman said. Canadian Visa Expert has a team of professionals ready to assist you in the immigration process. Living in Canada could be a dream come true for you and your family.


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