New Kind of Aurora Discovered by Amateurs Living in Canada

A new type of the aurora, known in North America and Europe as the Northern Lights, has been discovered by researchers. The new phenomenon appears as a glowing, narrow ribbon of emerald and lavender, adorning the sky from east to west. This aurora is different from the long-studied classic aurora. It is able to be seen from closer to the equator than its twin, and it emerges from a location twice as high in the sky. The beautiful sights in Canada are one more reason to consider relocating to this wondrous country. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for information on the immigration process.

Amateurs were the first to describe and study it, unlike the aurora borealis found by cultivated researchers. These amateurs were the first to photograph the streak of purple light and gave it the name Steve. This scientific accomplishment would have made headlines even if amateurs were not at the head of it. This is the first new aurora-related phenomenon since the 1990’s, according to Lawrence Lyons, a UCLA professor of physics. He was not connected with the paper in any way. “I’ve never seen something this new discovered by citizen scientists in the aurora before. Finding something you can identify as a new structure in the aurora is relatively unusual.” He noted that the last significant find was the poleward boundary intensification, which was over twenty years ago. Canadian Visa Expert is a privately owned company with a mission to help you receive the required visa to live and work in Canada. Contact them today!

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