More US Tech Professionals Look North for Work in Canada

Those working in the US tech field are considering another location other than the Silicon Valley for work: Canada. Canadian tech innovator hub, MaRS, released a new study reporting that Toronto tech companies saw a large increase of US applicants in 2017. If you would consider relocating for work in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Expert for help with the immigration process. Their team of experts will walk you through every step.

There were 55 tech companies in Toronto surveyed to show that over half had experienced an increase in international applicants. Of those applications, 82 percent came from the United States. A survey MaRS performed earlier last year corresponded, showing several Toronto-based firms reported newfound interest in their company from applicants in the U.S. The interest from American tech workers considering joining the Canadian workforce could come from several reasons. Both Vancouver and Toronto are becoming established hubs for the tech field and are attracting skilled international talent. The two cities were ranked in the top 25 most high-tech cities in the world last year by Business Insider. A more political factor may be another reason. President Trump has an unfriendly stance on immigration and may be sparking renewed interest in Canadian employment as well. Canadian Visa Expert has a five-phase process to help simplify the Canadian worker visa process. Their team of professionals will review all of the government documents and legal paperwork to guarantee there are no mistakes. Canadians are very welcoming to newcomers. You and your family will be able to feel at home quickly after arriving.

  1. President Trump has an unfriendly stance on immigration.
  2. That stance my spark renewed interest in Canadian employment.
  3. New study reporting that Toronto tech companies saw an increase in US applicants during 2017.

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