Temporary Workers from The Philippines Move to Manitoba Town

Canadian Visa Expert

Chrisie Servanez was told what her new home in Canada would be like before she ever arrived. She was told it was remote, it had no public transit, and everything closes by 7 p.m. She heard the reports but didn’t believe them, knowing Canada is a first-class, developed country. After arriving in Canada, she had a four-hour car ride from the airport to the little town of Russell, Manitoba. She was shocked to see the endless farms and fields as she would see in her native Philippines. There were no tall buildings or busses, only farms. She couldn’t believe she was in Canada. A manager at the Russell Inn where Servanez would be working had already let the staff know she was arriving and some of the Filipino employees were in the lobby to welcome her. That evening, several colleagues threw a welcoming party, and for over six hours people came in with food and desserts.

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