Canada Reports Rising Retails Sales

Canadian Visa Expert: Retail Sales

Canada is reporting a consecutive six-month increase in sales during the global COVID-19 crisis

Retail sales are on the rebound and have achieved a remarkable recovery since stores have reopened. Derek Holt, a Scotiabank Economics employee, said total sales volumes are over five percent higher than right before the shutdown, so the overall industry has undoubtedly recovered. When removing the sales of gas and automobiles, sales have risen right at eight percent compared to the pre-pandemic numbers.

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Parts and motor vehicle sales are leading the growth with sales at new car dealerships. The industry has seen an increase of over 0.8 percent, according to Statistics Canada. Economists originally predicted a 0.2 percent increase. Alberta’s sales rose 1.1 percent, and sales in British Columbia increased by 2.1 percent. Health and personal care stores, garden equipment, building material, and supplies dealers contributed to an additional increase.

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