Canadian Immigration Minister Discusses Refugee Sponsorship

Canadian Visa Expert: Refugee Sponsorship

Canada is being seen as a model for other nations with their successful refugee program through sponsorship by private Canadian citizens, according to Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino

Canada, through the private sponsorship program, has brought 320,000 immigrants and refugees to the country, and now they want to share their “depth of experience” to other countries. Mendicino said, “By refining those processes, by frankly making them more robust, we’re in a position to share those experiences with other countries”. If you are considering relocating to Canada, you can rest assured you will be welcomed with open arms.

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Mendicino said the majority of Canadian citizens believe in the immigration system. Canadians believe in being compassionate and fair towards refugees who have lost their homeland. Mendicino accredits the success of the refugee resettlement programs to collaboration among the faith communities, civil society, and all levels of governments. He said Canadian residents should be proud of the leadership it has taken to accomplish the work being done. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, has called on all countries to help carry the responsibility of the global migration crisis. “I urge you to be bold and concrete in the pledges you will make” he said.

Canadian Visa Expert: Marco Medicino

The UN reported there are over 70 million people displaced from their homes, which includes 25 million refugees. These are the highest numbers of displacement ever recorded. Canada welcomed 28,100 refugees through private or government sponsorships in 2018. Mendicino said his country would donate over $50 million spread out over the next four years, to provide predictable and flexible multi-year funding over the next four years. This money will aid in responding to the global refugee situation.

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