British Columbia Museum to Honor Chinese Immigrants

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British Columbia

British Columbia is honoring its Chinese Canadians by investing $10 million to build a Chinese Canadian Museum

Vancouver’s Chinatown will be the central hub for the museum, the first of its kind in the country, with several branches throughout the province. The investment includes $2 million for the planning and development, and $8 million is to establish an endowment and have ongoing support. Premier John Horgan said the government has been working with the community for years, and they have expressed the importance of this museum. Now, with the conversations about inequality, race, and injustice, it is time to join together to share stories about how the province got to where it is and highlight where it is headed.

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In addition to the Vancouver hub and area branches, the museum will have an online portal and several digital experiences highlighting British Columbia locations. The non-profit Chinese Canadian Museum Society of B.C. will head the development and operate the museum.  A pocket gallery in Victoria’s Fan Tan Alley has a goal of opening in time for Chinese Cultural Heritage Week. Tourism Minister Lisa Beare said it is more important than ever to come together and learn from each other. She said the museum would bring a more inclusive society.

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