Immigrants Invest in Better Future by Moving to Canada

Over fifty percent of immigrants who participated in a poll by Royal LePage said they chose Canada because it is an excellent place to work and live. Over 75 percent of the participants said they didn’t even consider relocating to the United States. Other reasons for choosing Canada were the friendly reception they receive and the country being safer than others. Canadian Visa Expert has a team of professionals who will assist you and your family in the immigration process. The visa process can be overwhelming, but when working with a dedicated team, you will be able to apply for the correct visa in a smooth and timely manner.

Canadian immigrants purchase 21 percent of houses and could purchase as many as 680,000 during the next five years if newcomer levels remain constant, according to Royal LePage. President and CEO of Royal LePage said immigrants not only support Canada’s economic growth and are vital to the health of the country’s real estate market, but they are also doing more than just investing in Canadian real estate. The newcomers are investing in their family’s future by relocating to the country and purchasing a home. The country’s housing market is on the rebound from the burden of tighter mortgage laws over the past few years that were enforced to limit soaring prices and speculation in the housing markets of Toronto and Vancouver. There are many reasons to consider relocating to Canada. There is a great healthcare system, which is ranked as one of the best in the world, and there are many job opportunities for you and your family. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for help applying for the required visa to live and work in Canada.


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