The 100 Best Jobs in Canada for 2017

Each year, Canadian Business ranks the top one hundred jobs in Canada. These results are based on data from Statistics Canada and Economic and Social Development Canada. Canadian Visa Expert is a private immigration service that provides assistance to foreign nationals who are interested in moving to Canada to live, work and study.

Top 10 Best Jobs

The ten positions that rank for the best jobs in Canada are:

  1. Public Administration Director
  2. Nurse Practitioner
  3. Mining & Forestry Manager
  4. Pipefitting Supervisor
  5. Utilities Manager
  6. Telecommunication Manager
  7. Real Estate & Financial Manager
  8. Economic Development Director
  9. Lawyer
  10. Elevator Mechanic

Of these positions, the Economic Development Director had the highest salary at $114,400. Contact Canadian Visa Expert to see if you qualify for a Canadian work visa.

Jobs with the Best Salaries

Of the 100 best jobs, many are in the high-salary bracket. The Economic Development Director, which is ranked #8 overall, has the best median salary at $114,400. The #2 job for salary is the Utilities Manager (#5 overall), which has a median annual salary of $112,320.

The #3 job based on salary is a Public Administration Director, which ranked #1 for best Canadian job and has an average salary of $106,662.

The #3 job based on salary is an Engineering Manager (#51 overall) with a median salary of $105,996, and #4 is a Health & Community Service Manager (#32 overall) with a salary of $104,540. Other positions with higher salaries include Petroleum & Chemical Process Engineer ($104,000), Real Estate & Financial Manager ($103,376), Pharmacist ($102,398), Mining & Forestry Manager ($100,006), and Computer Systems Manager ($100,006).

Canadian Visa Expert has seen an increase in the number of people from other countries who are moving to Canada to take advantage of the new business opportunities there.

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