Farmer Living in Canada Loves His Job So Much He Won’t Retire

Canadian Visa Expert - old farmer wont retire

Working 10-hour days with “no problems,” Roscoe Grant, age 97, would not even consider retiring. Grants son, Neil said, “Dad was born to be a farmer.” He realized after trying to retire once, the life of leisure wasn’t for the Alberta farmer. He told CTV Edmonton in an interview at his farm located south-east of Wetaskiwin, “I love this life. I like the independence. I like the lifestyle. I like to be with nature.” When his grandchildren were old enough to take over some of the work, Roscoe retired, but for a short time. He quickly decided the lifestyle change was not for him. Canadian Visa Expert can help you when applying for the correct visa to live and work in Canada. They will answer all the questions you have about the process.

The land, which Mr. Grant farms, has been in his family for six generations. When he was a youth, he pursued a different career, but came back to the farm where he said he belongs. After returning from his brief retirement, he purchased a second combine so he would be able to work alongside Neil and Jarvis, his grandson. Jarvis said, “I can’t get out of bed that well in the morning, let alone, imagine being 97 and crawling down combine steps like that.” His grandson said his grandfather is a young man at heart. He said Grant would just keep going until he is no longer able. The Five-Phase Process created by Canadian Visa Expert simplifies the worker visa process for you. You will be able to enjoy the exceptional healthcare and the many job opportunities available in Canada much quicker than trying to apply for a visa on your own. Contact them today!

Grant’s advice to other aging people: Keep orking past the retirement age. “Don’t retire,” Grant said. He encourages everyone to find something to do after retirement. There is an advantage to working with an experienced team of professionals at Canadian Visa Expert. The authorized immigration consultants have been trained to help you through the entire immigration process. They understand the different requirements of each program. 

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