Hiring Intentions of Canadian Employers at Record High

As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, they are also celebrating an economy that is stable and strong. The confidence of business owners is rising due to the end of the oil crisis and the pace of economic growth.

According to Statistics Canada, over the past year, the economy has grown by over 3.3%, and monthly, it has grown over 0.2%. Through the services of Canadian Visa Expert, many foreign nationals have received help with their visa applications to live and work in Canada.

EQRAccording to the Bank of Canada, the current outlook of business owners and leaders is stronger than it’s been since 2011. There have been over 300,000 new jobs added since last year.

Derek Holt, head of capital markets economics at Bank of Nova Scotia, said, “Few economies in the world can hold a torch to Canada’s over the past four quarters, so raise a toast to the Canadian economy’s global leadership this weekend.” Canadian Visa Expert helps people from all over the world to get to Canada to live, work and begin new lives.

When the Bank of Canada surveyed business managers, they found that executives are very hopeful and expecting the growth to continue. Through their Business Outlook Survey, which is published quarterly, it was discovered that employers have plans to hire new employees.

For the first time since 2010, the Bank of Canada is already making plans to tighten policies. If you want to move to a country with a strong economy, Canadian Visa Expert can help you through the process to immigrate to Canada.

Mark Chandler with the Royal Bank of Canada and Jimmy Jean, a strategist in the fixed-income group at Desjardins Capital Markets in Montreal, have updated their predictions regarding interest rate increases. Jean said, “It validates everything.

The question is not only do they go in July but when is the next one?” Contact Canadian Visa Expert today for more information on moving to Canada!


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