Immigrant from Syria Accepted to University in Canada

The dreams of graduating from high school came to a screeching halt when Muhammed Reyis and his family were forced out of Syria and moved to Turkey for work. The 20-year-old said he had to work in Turkey to support the family and could not attend school. He was afraid to even dream of going to university. The Reyis family, while in Turkey, signed up for a program that would allow all seven members of the family to immigrate to Canada. After getting over the hurdles, they eventually were accepted and moved to Canada two years ago. If you and your family would like to relocate to Canada, contact Canadian Visa Expert for help in overcoming any obstacles that would stand in your way. They have a team of experts who can help you through every step.

Reyis said that on his first day in Canada, he couldn’t say his name or know how to introduce himself, but now he speaks English along with two other languages. His old dreams were soon renewed and he was inspired by watching young people work in Canada and attend school. He received a part-time position at the Delta Hotel in Fredericton. He was a hard worker at Fredericton High School where he has maintained a 94 percent average. This week, Reyis was accepted at the University of New Brunswick, where he hopes to study engineering. Dreams can come true if you work hard at them. Consider contacting Canadian Visa Expert and see your dreams become a reality. They will walk beside you through the Canadian immigration process.

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