Most Canadians Think Immigration Is Good for the Economy

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Canadians are more open to immigration than ever before, according to a new study

Over the past twelve months, Canadians from every province, territory, and demographic have shown a positive outlook on immigrants. It has been surprising since some have not been so positive in the past. Why the change? It is not completely apparent, although some have their opinions. It could be a response to the dramatic instability in the United States through the pandemic and Canadians not wanting to be divided like them. It could be the ‘we are in this together’ mentality or the understanding of the importance of newcomers and the economy.

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The year 2020 has come with many surprises, including a worldwide pandemic not seen for 100 years, a major slowdown of the economy, risk of contracting a deadly virus, and people being confined to their homes while distancing from friends and loved ones.

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The thought was that the changes would cause people to draw inward and not be open to outsiders who could possibly take job opportunities from them or bring health risks to the country. Instead, Canadians surprised the experts by doing the opposite. An increasing majority has strongly expressed comfort with current immigration numbers and see newcomers as good for the economy, not a threat to people’s jobs, and an essential part of growing the population.

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