Canada Ranked Second in Highest Educated Nation

Canada has been ranked number two in the world for the highest educated nation by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. A government report, released by The Star, said immigration to Canada had fueled the status as being one of the best-educated nations around the globe. Canadian Visa Expert has a team of trained experts to help you get the required visa to live and work in Canada.

More than 60 percent of Canadian citizens ages 25 to 34 hold a university degree. Compared to 24% of those with Canadian-born parents, is 35% of second-generation immigrants. An Immigration Department report shows many newcomers that come to Canada already hold a university degree. “Parents’ expectations regarding education matters, and immigrant families, particularly Asian families tend to have higher educational expectations for their children,” according to the report. The professional and legal team at Canadian Visa Expert is dedicated to helping you obtain the required visa to Canada. Contact them today!

  • Above 60 percent of Canadian citizens hold a university degree.
  • Age of university degree holders in Canada is 25 to 34.
  • Asian families tend to have a high educational expectations for their kids.

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