Multicultural Toronto Becomes Canada’s Hip-Hop Nerve Center

After years of general indifference from American listeners and from Canadian radio programmers, a group of Toronto rap figures sent out a message by performing an impromptu rendition of their single “Northern Touch” at the Juno Awards. The Canadian Juno Awards is equivalent to the United States Grammys. It was a reminder to the world that Toronto’s history goes back much further. The city has spent most of the past ten years labeled as one of hip-hop’s global hotspots. Canadian Visa Expert has a team who will help you apply for the required visas to live and work in this progressive cultured country.

American listeners are beginning to recognize how many Canadian artists are building careers in front of the shadow of the current scene’s two superstars, Drake and the Weeknd. These two Canadian musicians notched ten number one albums between them and their oft-imitated sound is distinctly known with the city of Toronto. Attracting the ear of those around the world is one thing, but holding on to it is another thing completely. For Toronto, fortunately, the city’s R&B and hip-hop talent pool remain as deep as it ever has been, and the American audiences are getting on board. The first artist from Toronto’s current generation to gain access to the States is Tory Lane, signing with Mad Love Records and gaining two U.S. Top 40 singles along with a Grammy nomination for his debut, “I Told You.” Canada is a land of diversity and a place that welcomes all kinds of people and races. Consider contacting Canadian Visa Expert for information on the visa application you need.

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