Record Skilled Worker Shortage Reported in Canada

Small businesses are having a hard time finding skilled workers, which in turn is making it difficult to expand. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ survey recorded 47 percent of respondents said skilled employee shortages are limiting their growth. Last year, the survey only showed 38 percent were experiencing shortages. The numbers indicate the Canadian job market has tipped in favor of job seekers in recent months, with unemployment reaching the lowest numbers in years. If you are considering relocating for a job opportunity, contact Canadian Visa Expert. Their team of professionals will assist you with a personal assessment, so you can apply for the correct visa to live and work in Canada.

Many companies across the country are slowing their hiring plans, with only 16 percent of businesses planning to increase full-time positions, the lowest in 12 months. The CFIB’s index of small firm confidence dropped even after Canada made an agreement with Mexico and the United States on a new North American trade pact. The index went from 61.4 to 60.5. Canadian Visa Expert has put together a Five-Phase Process to help simplify the Canadian worker visa process. The team of experts will walk you through each step so you can receive your visa quickly and start your new life in Canada. There are many job opportunities available in this friendly, welcoming country. Canada is committed to bringing families together by allowing residents and citizens to sponsor relatives to join them in their new homeland. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today for help with the entire immigration process.

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